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a new way to access the contemporary art world and the art market!

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Free access of the artist's precense in permanent collections and exhibitions


Discover new unique sets of information around your favorite artists as press in real time, or evolution trends.


A new way to access the contemporary art market, and tomorrow's talents with specific notifications such as: first sales, absolute record or specific trends.


Benefit from a new type of data, such as permanent collection entries, gallery changes and full access to our database.

We offer a richer and larger database !

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Realtime alerts inform you about all esclusives updates arround your favorite artists: Press, Art Prize, new public colection joined, new gallery joined in real time by data driven algorithms.


Specific notifications focusing on tomorrow’s talents: Art Prize, permanent collection joined or new gallery joined, exhibitions, first international auction alert.


Benefit of our augmented intelligence with global data, dashboard and new unique features to personalize your art world’s information.

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Latest news about artists (210 000)

Media, international auctions, exhibitions, global situation

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Full statistic access

Generals : Museum collections, international auctions, exhibitions, art fairs

Analytics : Data Visualization, tendancy, panorama, press category

Specific focus

Focus : First auction sale, museum collection and gallery joined

Press notification personalization (mentions)

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