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Artist Museum Month
Carol McGregor Goma Goma Brisbane September
Spencer Finch Dia:Beacon Dia:Beacon New York September
Teresita Fernández Dia:Beacon Dia:Beacon New York September
Alejandro Cesarco Dia:Beacon Dia:Beacon New York September
Nancy Davenport Dia:Beacon Dia:Beacon New York September
Mark Dion Dia:Beacon Dia:Beacon New York September
Abraham Cruzvillegas Dia:Beacon Dia:Beacon New York September
Patty Chang Dia:Beacon Dia:Beacon New York September

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Artist Price Estimation Month
Cinga Samson / 7,720 $ - 11,580 $ October
Dillon Marsh / 3,860 $ - 6,433 $ October
Mohamed Camara / 3,000 $ - 5,000 $ October
Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe / 30,000 $ - 50,000 $ September
Tamina Amadyar 5,325 $ +6 % September
Jessica Dickinson 8,825 $ +10 % September
Darren Goins 3,825 $ -36 % September
Jonathan Chapline / 8,000 $ - 12,000 $ August

Espace Meyer Zafra 02 juillet - 08 octobre 2020


Espace Meyer Zafra a le plaisir de présenter pour la première fois à la galerie une exposition personnelle de la jeune artiste française Marine Provost qui se tiendra en deux parties : Prospectives Partie 1 / Prospectives Partie 2.

Artists: Marine Provost

Autoportrait chez moi, 2020
"Autoportrait chez moi, 2020" Courtesy Meyer Zafra
Autoportrait chez moi, 2020

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The financial Times - September 20th, 2020

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Edoardo Tresoldi 1987 - Today

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