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The analysis platform for the contemporary art lover

A new way to access the contemporary art world and the art market !

Access the art world, anytime, anywhere


The latest news (medias, exhibitions, major international auctions sales) from your favorite artists with a global and complete newsfeed.

Stay informed

Alternative media, cultural press, international press, financial paper (in more 50 countries).


A new unique data : When artists join a permanent collection, or a new gallery.

Discover new opportunities

Look for

Emerging artists by unique focus (first international auctions, first art fairs show or new presence of the artist in permanent collection).

Be alerted

Of the artists evolutions with our suggestions, notification and data visualization.


A global data and new unique features to personalize your art world information.

Refine your decision making

Permanent collections and exhibitions, media alerts, art market, evolution and trends: Vizualise our data using new tools for user's friendly experience.

A database of more than 170,000 artists on a platform that gives easy access to the contemporary art & the art market.